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  • $25.00


    Keep your head warm and cozy up with these super comfy and stylish beanies. Embroidery falls on the 3-inch folding cuff.

  • $18.75

    Beard Balm

    Style and condition your facial hair with our tidy tin of beard balm. Scoop out a dab, warm it in your hands, and rub it through your beard to tam...

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  • $7.00

    Beard Comb

    This two-sided beard comb is made from beautiful and durable pear wood. The perfect gift for your bearded beau!

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    Beard Oil

    You’ve been growing a glorious beard, but have you been taking care of it? If your bristles are prickly and your skin is dry and itchy this conditi...

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  • $9.00

    Beard Shampoo

    A plastic-free vegan Beard Shampoo and Shave Bar for naturally rugged faces. Creates a smooth rich lather, which nourishes and softens beards. No p...

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  • from $6.50

    Bee's Wrap

    The best alternative to single use plastic! Bee’s Wrap® is made with certified organic cotton that's coated with sustainably sourced beeswax, orga...

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    from $6.50
  • $1.25

    Beechwood Pencil Sharpener

    Skip the plastic sharpener! Try this beechwood sharpener for a more earth-friendly option. Once done just remove the metal and compost the wood.

  • from $1.00


    Filtered to naturally remove the color to create an incredibly clean white appearance, yet while maintaining the natural beeswax smell. These beesw...

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    from $22.00

    Belly Healing Lotion

    Inside that beautiful belly a miracle is taking place, but outside your skin is paying the price. This formula of pure botanicals, emollient oils,...

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  • $30.00

    Belly Oil

    Your body is going through some big changes and the transformation, both physically and mentally, can be challenging. This belly oil was created as...

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    Best of Mighty Gift Set

    For the person that may have it all, or difficult to please. Or the one looking for a new direction in life when it comes to clean, luxurious, plan...

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  • $24.00

    Better Balm - Tinted Lip and Cheek Conditioner

    The Elate Better Balm is better in more ways than one: Made with carrot root oil and rosehip seed oil, it’s rich in vitamins and essential fatty ac...

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  • $12.00

    Binchotan Charcoal - Water Purifying Sticks

    Enjoy pure-tasting water with all-natural Mizzl binchotan charcoal sticks. Binchotan is a premium activated charcoal made from 100% Ubame Oak and ...

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  • from $3.75

    Biodegradable Loofah Dishwashing Sponge

    Our loofah sponge is unbleached and hand-cut to provide a nice grip to clean larger surfaces like plates, stovetops, and counter spaces with ease....

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    from $3.75
  • $6.00

    Black Matte Lotion Pump

    This pump is the perfect way to upcylce drink bottles that we already have in the home and turn them into functional lotion, dish soap, shampoo or ...

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  • $5.00

    Blade Recycling Tin

    Safely store your used blades in this recycling tin.

  • $25.00

    Blush Powder

    Lightweight, yet long-lasting, our Blush Powder will take you from day to night. Brush, blend and build your color. Embrace color! From classic pin...

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  • $17.00

    Bodd Balm

    This luxurious body moisturizer truly feels like (vegan) butter on the skin! Made with cocoa butter, shea butter and enriched with jojoba oil, this...

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  • from $0.70

    Body Lotion

    This elegant moisturizing lotion will leave your skin feeling sensuously soft and smooth while providing nourishment and soothing relief for dry or...

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    from $0.70
  • from $1.10

    Body Lotion - Omega 3

    Omega-3 oils and MSM to feed dry, thirsty skin. Omega-3 oils are an intense fortifying and healing oil. The ingredients in Griffin Remedy Omega-3 ...

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    from $1.10
  • from $0.90

    Body Lotion with MSM

    Moisturizing Body Lotion with MSM is all natural with no artificial ingredients, no parabens. Pure essential oils are used for their therapeutic an...

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    from $0.90
  • $28.00

    Body Massage Dry Brush

    Dry brushing is a way to exfoliate your skin. This dry/wet brush is slightly abrasive, really helping to scrub off excess dry skin. Benefits of dr...

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  • $35.00

    Body Tonic

    Non-greasy all day hydration while fighting free radicals. For use after a shower to protect, hydrate, tone and smooth. Fresh and clean subtle ci...

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  • from $0.65

    Body Wash

    Puracy Natural Body Wash is a sulfate-free liquid packed with a rich blend of luxurious cleansers, emollients, and essential oils. This world-class...

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