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  • $6.00

    Hairbrush Cleaner

    Hand crafted for cleaning and washing hairbrushes oiled beechwood strong, light bristle Size: 2.75"

  • from $4.50

    Hake + Spoon

    Non-metal combo pack Bamboo Mixing spoon & super soft Goat Hair Application Brush for clay masks. + Sustainable + Biodegradable + Non-Metal ne...

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    from $4.50
  • $19.95

    Head Massaging Hair Brush

    The Head Massaging Hair Brush is designed to work gently on the scalp and hair, created from beechwood with wooden pins for a soothing massage. He...

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  • $12.95

    Lava Froth Bar

    Lightweight, hardened lava foam to gently slough off tough, dry and dead skin cells from the feet. Regular use of a pumice stone 2-3 times a week ...

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  • $9.00

    Milk Bottle Brush - Beechwood Handle

    This brush is also ideal for thermal coffee pots and glasses. It has a special shape that makes it ideal for thorough cleaning of milk bottles, bab...

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  • $12.00

    Multi Purpose Long Stem Large Brush

    The CASA AGAVE™ brushes are an easy replacement for your plastic dishwashing and vegetable brushes in the kitchen and home. With a white teakwood h...

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  • $28.00

    Multi Use Brush

    The go-to tool for applying foundations and powders, this Multi-Use Brush is high performance and cruelty-free. Forget makeup brushes made with an...

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  • $7.00

    Nail Brush

    A simple version of a classic grooming tool. Handcrafted from Maple wood and Tampico fibre.

  • $8.00

    Nail Brush - Kids

    Hand crafted and printed with different animal motives. waxed beechwood light bristle Size: 2.25" x 1.1"

  • $15.00

    Pocket Comb

    Traditional men's comb hand crafted from beechwood and olive wood. Measures approximately 5.5"

  • $8.50

    Pot Scrubber

    This sustainable swap helps you replace plastic pot scrubbers in the kitchen! This heavy duty scrub brush has a solid wood handle, with stiff plan...

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  • $7.99

    Pumice Stone

    For centuries, pumice stone has been the go-to for removing calluses on hands and feet. Made from volcanic lava, pumice is a natural and long-lasti...

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  • $18.00

    Shaving Brush

    This shaving brush is crafted with the finest boar bristles, providing a soft and gentle application of shaving soap to the face for an unbeatable ...

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  • $15.00

    Shaving Kit Stand

    The perfect pairing to our safety razor and shaving brush! Handcrafted from beechwood.

  • $9.00

    Silicone Dish Brush Handle

    Stainless steel handle with silicone cover. Just pull down on the silicone to  replace the new dish brush head. Fits both small & large Redecke...

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  • $9.00

    Toilet Brush

    This stiff bristle brush removes build-up with the greatest of ease. Beechwood tampico fibre Size: 14.5"

  • $8.00

    Vegetable Brush

    oiled beechwood tampico fibre/union fibre Size: 5.5"

  • from $18.00

    Washable Duster

     Ditch your disposable dusters! This duster is made from multiple layers of flannel and fleece. Flannel layers will fray after washing, which will...

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    from $18.00