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Clean Beauty

  • from $5.50

    Rosehips Night Creme

    Everyday the skin is exposed to environmental pollutants, damaging rays from the sun and stress that break down and age the skin. Over time the bo...

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    from $5.50
  • $52.00

    Rōsilliance Tinted Moisturizer Organic Sunscreen SPF 30

    COOLA Rosilliance SPF 30 Tinted Cream is a skin perfecting tinted moisturizer to help boost your naturally luminescent glow and support fresh, heal...

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  • from $9.50

    Savon de Marseille Soaps

    This is a hefty block of the finest French soap, carved with vintage-inspired lettering. The cube is fragrance-free, so it's ideal if you'd rather...

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    from $9.50
  • $22.00

    Scar Repair Cream

    A rich emollient blend of carrot seed, superfatted oils and healing herbs to smooth and fade raised discolored scar tissue. Regenerative for both ...

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  • $32.00

    Seed Facial Serum

    Serums are highly concentrated moisturizing treatments that penetrate deep and deliver only active ingredients to skin. This serum is designed to h...

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  • $14.00

    Self-Drying Soap Dish

    This self-drying Soap Dish is made of 100% renewable material named Diatomite (fossilized algae, hence plant-based). It's water-absorbent and quic...

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  • $11.00

    Shaving Soap

    This soap is specifically formulated for shaving. Bentonite clay gently exfoliates, detox, balances and calms the skin. In addition, this clay ens...

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  • $16.00

    Silky Body Butter

    Moisturize from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet with this versatile buttery blend. Enjoy its silky texture, which melts as it meet...

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  • $14.95

    Solid Face Wash

    Vegan. No soap, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils or cruelty. 1 bar = 8 oz bottle   Cleanse: A soap-free, fragrance-free, amino acid face wash wit...

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  • $12.00

    Solid Lotion

    Warm this solid lotion bar in your hand and rub it anywhere your skin is dry or cracked. The silky butters will melt into your hands, feet, & e...

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  • $46.00

    Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist

    Perfect for year-round tanning, this COOLA Tan Self-Tanning Oil Mist is formulated with certified organic ingredients to create a self-tanner that ...

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  • $46.00

    Sunless Tan Firming Lotion

    This organic self tanner eases you into a healthy, golden glow while nourishing your skin. With its natural pina colada scent, the streak-free, tr...

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  • from $3.25

    Texturizing Salt Spray

    You know how a day at the beach gives you those great tousled waves that linger as a reminder of the sun and the sand? We can’t send you back to t...

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    from $3.25
  • $9.00

    Turmeric Face + Body Soap

    Natural soap made with turmeric does magic to reduce skin redness and inflammation caused by hard to treat skin ailments. Gentle enough to use ever...

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    from $25.00

    Universal Creme/ Blush Balm

    Elate Universal Crème combines hydration and protection with a colorful mineral finish on both lips and cheeks. Created with nourishing vegan and ...

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    from $25.00
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    Whipped Eye + Face Butter Night Cream (Intense Hydration)

    Rescue in a jar, with a boost of Vitamin C Not your modern day eye cream or face cream. Naturally formulated with the highest concentration of plan...

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  • $36.00

    Yarrow + Rose Toner - Brume D’Achillée

    Brume D’Achillée Product Description: Brume D’Achillée which translates to yarrow mist, is a botanical-based hydrosol toner created with a delicate...

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