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Hand Poured Candles


Penrose Apothecary makes each small batch of luxurious, hand poured candles with decadent coco-apricot crème wax, infused with singularly crafted artisanal scents.

Extra sexy factor - they double as a butter butter and make phenomenal gifts!

Each unique vessel of this Bay Area Black-owned brand is hand formed; keep it when your candle is gone, as we are developing a sustainable refill program.



It's a perfect midwestern day in 1992. A block party has the street alive. BBQ grills are smoking, water fights are taking no prisoners, and there is the faint smell of rain on the horizon.  
top: clean cotton, marine accord, vetiver
middle: lotus blossom, white musk, peony
base: ginger blossom, muhuhu wood, mandarin



We generally accept the received definition of "milk & honey" as a metaphor meaning all good things. The Promised Land that must have been a land of extraordinary glory. The phrase used to express the abundance of pure means of enjoyment.

top: Mexican vanilla bean, honeycomb
heart: sweet cream, cherry blossom
base: bamboo, sugar cane 



Get ready to set your olfactophilia on fire! This scent will remind you of that feeling you get when someone smells like victory and excellence. Pheromone embodies pure luxury and elegance with a deep sexy twist.

top: cumin, citrus, pink peppercorn
heart: apple, cannabis, copal, warm leather
base: cedarwood, black rose, labdanum, oud



Named after the pink hue cast upon the clouds of a sunset. The sweet effervescent fragrance fills the room with a playful calm.

top: santal, vanilla marshmallow, lemon zest
heart: coconut milk, shea butter, vanilla sugar
base: monk fruit, cedarwood, sandalwood



A dance with your most dangerous desires. The precise second a good girl goes bad. The height of sexual pleasure. Sweetest Taboo is the seductive and silky aroma of passion and sensuality.
top: jasmine, mandarin, amber, incense
heart: tobacco, lavadin, orchid, sea salt
base: vanilla, labdanum, vetiver, oud



Tumbao is the rhythm in the sensual sway of a feminine walk. It is the indescribable feeling you get when the beat hits just right. The sweet feeling of the breeze hitting your body as you dance the night away. 

top: Kakadu plum, blackberry, acai
heart: tobacco leaves, green coconut
base: cedarwood, amber, purple saffron