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Father's Day Gift Ideas

  • $16.00

    Tea Sock Filter

    Pack of 2 filters These reusable filters are durable and may last a year or more and are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon sacks. A...

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  • $6.00

    Razor Cleaner

    This small brush removes loose hair from your beard effortlessly after either a wet or dry shave.  oiled beechwood light bristle Size: 2.75"

  • $12.95

    Lava Froth Bar

    Lightweight, hardened lava foam to gently slough off tough, dry and dead skin cells from the feet. Regular use of a pumice stone 2-3 times a week ...

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  • $84.00

    Leaf Razor

    The future of shaving has arrived! Leaf razors are the first of it's kind - an all metal, zero waste razor with pivoting head and 3 blades. The clo...

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  • $17.00

    Leather Balm

    Use a soft cloth to rub this balm on your leather to keep it supple and water-resistant.  INGREDIENTS: Fractionated coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter

  • $7.50

    Patch Aloe Vera Adhesive Strips

    PATCH ALOE VERA is designed for the adventure warriors. This Aloe Vera range is made from 100% natural bamboo fiber, enriched with Aloe Vera extra...

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  • $28.00

    Mighty Unisex Baseball Tee

    Fall has arrived and so has some new Mighty Merch! These 3/4 sleeve baseball tees are incredibly soft and comfy and they're also very flattering- a...

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  • $6.00

    Hairbrush Cleaner

    Hand crafted for cleaning and washing hairbrushes oiled beechwood strong, light bristle Size: 2.75"

  • $7.00

    Beard Comb

    This two-sided beard comb is made from beautiful and durable pear wood. The perfect gift for your bearded beau!

  • from $5.00

    Physical Gift Card

    Order these if you would prefer a physical gift card instead of a digital gift card. Beautiful design and comes in a kraft envelope. Available for ...

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    from $5.00
  • $6.00

    Leaf Razor Grip

    This silicone sleeve fits the Leaf razor, providing additional grip. It is custom molded out of silicone to fit the handle perfectly.  You can slid...

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  • $24.00

    Leaf Razor Stand

    Display your Leaf razor proudly and keep it in tip-top shape. The Leaf razor stand keeps your razor upright for optimal airflow, and anti-slip ...

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  • $9.00

    Beard Shampoo

    A plastic-free vegan Beard Shampoo and Shave Bar for naturally rugged faces. Creates a smooth rich lather, which nourishes and softens beards. No p...

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  • $12.00

    Leaf Razor- 50 Blade Refill Pack

    Comes with 50 single-edged blades. Blades are forged out of Swedish steel and given a platinum coating to keep sharper longer.

  • $12.00

    Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

    Lightweight and stylish, this stainless steel shaving bowl fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, helping you perfect your morning ritual. Sleek...

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