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Great Gift Items

  • from $15.00

    Coffee Sock

    Pack of 2 filters These reusable filters are durable and may last a year or more and are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon sacks. A...

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    from $15.00
  • from $10.00

    String Market Bag

    Step out in style, around town or around the world, with a reusable bag that's fashionable, functional durable and has international cred. This se...

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    from $10.00
  • $15.00

    Face Roller

    Face Roller: We believe in using the right tool for the right job - and using a face roller can stimulate blood flow to the face, which helps towar...

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  • $15.00

    Gua Sha

    The Gua Sha is highly recommended as part of a skincare routine - it is a great way to work cleansing oils into the skin.  Offered in Rose Quartz a...

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    from $11.50

    Tule Fog Candles

    Apple + Clove:Apple + Clove says welcome home. It's a crisp, clean inviting scent sure to make any house feel cozy. This aroma will be your go-to f...

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    from $11.50
  • $45.00

    Hand Poured Candles

    Penrose Apothecary makes each small batch of luxurious, hand poured candles with decadent coco-apricot crème wax, infused with singularly craft...

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  • $15.95

    Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set - Handmade & Eco-Friendly

    Our reusable bamboo cutlery set is ethically sourced and handmade in Vietnam by skilled local artisans at Jungle Culture's crafts workshop. The en...

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  • from $3.00

    Organic Sunscreen Lotion

    A coveted classic! This organic sunscreen lotion for your body is an enhanced version of Coola's award-winning classic—designed for long active da...

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    from $3.00
  • from $3.00

    Zero Waste Safety Razor

    The premium butterfly safety razor is not just beautiful; it performs flawlessly.  With a similar length to the Albatross 3-piece razors, the Butt...

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    from $3.00
  • $16.00

    Lip Scrub

    Clean combination of natural ingredients like sugar and essential oils to help gently exfoliate your lips and leaving them soft and smooth.  

  • $8.00

    African Black Soap

    You may have heard of some of the wonderful stories that come from using pure African Black Soap. If you have not, you're about to be pleasantly su...

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  • $3.00


    Say goodbye to silly spoons-with-tines that don't work as either a spoon or a fork. The Uno GoBite is built with smarter ends, including a spoon de...

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  • from $13.95

    Shaving Puck

    Nothing gets up-close and personal like your razor, so it’s important for it to have a smooth ride across your skin. Our shaving soap lathers beaut...

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    from $13.95
  • from $12.00

    Palo Santo Bundles

    Sustainably sourced Palo Santo sticks wrapped with a hemp cord. Each bundle contains 4 incense sticks, each approximately 5" long.

    from $12.00
  • from $38.00

    Rolled Unpaper Towels

    UNpaper® Towels will be bundled around cardboard tube with this listing.  CARE + WASHING: Wash before use. After they've been washed, simply stack ...

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    from $38.00
  • from $6.00

    LUXE Body Oil

    Give your skin extra hydration with our luxurious body oil. It is formulated for dry skin and is filled with nutrient-rich oils. We love how versat...

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    from $6.00
  • $9.00

    Star Sign Zodiac Soap

    Unlock the ultimate luxury with these Zodiac Bar soaps. Embark on a cleansing journey like no other and bask in the splendour of a truly premium...

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  • from $27.00

    Essential Mascara

    A truly universal mascara that adds length and volume for every beauty style. With one light coat for a natural eye-opening look, to clean and s...

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    from $27.00
  • from $3.00

    REST Room + Linen Spray

    Slow down and unwind after a long day and prepare for a night of peaceful slumber with our REST spray. This calming aromatherapy pray can serve a ...

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    from $3.00
  • $28.00

    Natural Perfume Oil Roller

    This natural vegan perfume body oil can be used on all of your pressure points. Essential oil, infused with nourishing coconut and vitamin E oils. ...

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  • $24.99

    Cotton Produce Extender Bag

    Meet Veggie Saver! The produce bag that actually keeps veggies and fruit fresh for longer, reduces waste and saves people thousands of dollars ever...

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  • from $3.25

    Texturizing Salt Spray

    You know how a day at the beach gives you those great tousled waves that linger as a reminder of the sun and the sand? We can’t send you back to t...

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    from $3.25
  • $55.00

    Chef's Kit Gift Set

    This box is one-of-a-kind, perfect for any home cook or chef in your life. Packed with goodies, including a cast iron conditioner, a produce extend...

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  • $14.00

    Pressed EyeColour

    Our Pressed EyeColour boasts vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that will soothe and nourish your eyelids, while containing vivid, bright pigment ...

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