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Mighty Made Soy Candles


Indulge in this luxurious soy wax candle that's perfect for gifting or treating yourself.

Black Coast:
Let the captivating blend transport you to a rugged coastal forest, with scents of driftwood and juniper that evoke images of weathered wood and fragrant evergreen trees. Embrace your senses and escape to the seaside, as oceanic notes and amber create a warm and sensual atmosphere, reminiscent of sunny sunsets and sandy shores.

Indulge in the alluring aroma of Jasmine, Roses and Citrus essential oils, a lavish fusion that transports you to a blossoming garden in its prime. Revel in the exquisite flowery essence of Jasmine, beautifully complimented by the zesty and fruity fragrance of sweet roses and a citrus orchard, for an enchantingly delightful adventure.

Oat Milk + Honey:
Lavish in our number one lotion and body oil scent - now in our first batch of candles. Make your home feel and smell wonderful. It's giving cozy!

Sea Side Vibes:
Transport yourself to the windswept coastal forest with our unique combination of essential and natural fragrance oils, a captivating blend that evokes the rugged beauty of the wilderness.
Immerse yourself in the earthy aroma, reminiscent of sea-washed wood. The addition of juniper adds a fresh and aromatic note, evoking images of fragrant evergreens and crisp mountain air.

Summer Garden:
Fresh cut grass, juicy orange, earthy clove and cinnamon. This blend is utterly delightful and invigorating.

Sweet Tobacco Grove:
Indulge in the delightful aroma, a captivating fusion that embodies the nostalgia of a cool autumn night gathered by a blazing campfire. Immerse yourself in the earthy and smoky essence of harvested sumac, perfectly complemented by the warm and woody notes of tobacco, and a hint of sweet orange, for a cozy and comforting olfactory journey.