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Ageless Eye Creme


Naturally diminish and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This rich hydrating formula combines essential fatty acids and soothing botanicals to combat further signs of aging around the eyes and repair previous damage.

Evening Primrose Oil is especially cool and nourishing to the thin sensitive skin tissue around the eyes. Evening Primrose Oil is composed of 70% cis-linolenic acid and 9% gamma-linolenic acid. Both of these acids are responsible for promoting healthy new tissue growth to repair damage and prevent further oxidation and deterioration.

Botanical Eyebright is loaded with tannins and iridoid glycosides that have cooling anti-inflammatory properties to depuff under eye bags diminishing the shadows that contribute to the dark circle effect.

Feverfew, Chamomile, and Yarrow provide the coveted blue oil, azulene, a sesquiterpene derivative which exhibits dramatic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection to prevent further tissue damage and new signs of aging.

Pat gently above and below the eye nightly. Avoid getting product directly into eye.

Sleep and hydration are the keys to young, beautiful, healthy eyes. A diet of rich leafy greens and vegetables containing carotenoids (carrots, peppers) will keep eyes strong and healthy.

Our Evening Primrose Crème and Cucumber & Borage Daily Eye Serum are formulated to work together for maximum results


Chamomile,* eyebright,* feverfew,* evening primrose,* comfrey,* calendula,* St. John’s wort,* licorice root,* borage,* mallow,* helichrysum,* coconut oil,* evening primrose oil,* borage oil,* olive oil,* natural emulsifying wax, phenoxyethanol, xanthan, mannan, edta, vitamin C, vitamin E *organic