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After Sun Salve


Déesse du Soleil

Product Description:

Déesse do Soleil (goddess of the sun) was formulated to help support and moisturize the skin after exposure to the ever-so-radiant sun. Full of soothing, nourishing, and polyphenol-rich botanicals, this salve is a perfect blend of classic and modern herbs used to help support the health and glow of the skin. Blended in local-dry-farmed-olive-oil with freshly dried herbs and small-batch beeswax, each component of this delicate blend was designed to protect, honor, and recharge the beauty and vitality of one of our most vital systems - the skin. Designed for the goddess within who finds energy and power from basking in the warm rays of the sun’s glow, tending to her garden, or spending time outside, to recharge the spirit and manifest all the dream, desires, and intentions so that she may grow.

Special Note: This product pairs beautifully with the other items in this line, Brume D’Achillée (a yarrow and rose facial toner) and Joan of Arc (a botanical cleansing oil).


Apply liberally after a healthy dose of exposure to the sun; reapply as needed throughout the day/night. This product is best stored in a cool dark place out of direct light to help retain its vitality and to keep the vitamin-rich oils from spoiling. For maximum freshness use within one-year of opening.


Olive Oil, Chamomile Flower, Tulsi Leaf, Lavender Flower, Calendula Flower, Beeswax, Rosehip Essential Oil, Rosemary C02 Extract, Vitamin E Oil 

Inspired by the maker’s French heritage (like the other’s in this line) this hydrosol was carefully crafted using a handmade European copper still and utilizes plants commonly found in the French countryside. Spritz away for a provincial dose of spriteful bliss. This blend is preserved with minimal amounts of organic cane alcohol and radish root ferment to help naturally lengthen the shelf life of this delicate blend of botanicals.

About The Maker

Designed, formulated, and custom-crafted by local herbalist Anna Marie Beauchemin of East Bay Herbals, every product in this line has been a staple in Anna’s personal beauty apothecary for years. The herbs selected are used for their valued botanical benefits and for their sweet affinity to the skin, creating small-batch artisan products made in right relationship with the earth, body, and land. Anna offers one-on-one herbal wellness consultations, custom-blended herbal products, workshops locally and online, and has written for a variety of food and plant-based publications. To learn more visit

1oz/ 30ml