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Copper Woven Microfiber Scrubbing Cloth


Get the best of both worlds with the versatile REDECKER Copper and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth!

One side boasts high-quality copper for tough scrubbing, while the other side flaunts soft and absorbent microfiber for delicate cleaning and polishing.

Plus, it's not just for the kitchen - the copper side can tackle tasks like cleaning pots, pans, and grills, while the microfiber side is perfect for gentle surface cleaning.

And the best part? It's reusable and machine washable, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable cleaning products.

Proudly made by the trusted brand Redecker, this cloth is top-notch quality with its durable copper and super absorbent microfiber.

With a convenient size of 5-3/4 x 4 inches, it's easy to use - just wet, apply your favorite cleaning solution, and start scrubbing away!

Say goodbye to tough stains and dirt with the copper side, and hello to sparkling surfaces with the microfiber side.