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Hand Poured Candles


Small batch, hand poured, decadent coco-apricot crème wax infused with one of a kind artisanal fragrance blends. 

The concrete vessels are hand shaped and each one of them unique. Hold onto those vessels when the candle is done as we are working on a sustainable refill option for them.

These luxurious candles are made by Penrose Apothecary, a Bay Area Black-owned brand.


Spanish for Sunday, Domingo takes you to a perfect Sunday afternoon. Everything has been deep cleaned & the laundry is freshly folded. The only thing left to do is throw on some good tunes and enjoy the vibe.

top: papaya, gardenia, grapefruit
middle: cassis, suede
base: vetiver, vanilla
This scent evokes the sensual drip of melted chocolate and honeyed kisses. Reminiscent of a deep inhale of a fresh twist-out that went just right; Shea Butter Baby is our ode to black girl magic.

top: shea butter, coffee bean, kumquat
middle: palo santo, pumpkin, tonka bean
base: chocolate, coconut, vanilla


Tumbao is the rhythm in the sensual sway of a feminine walk. It is the indescribable feeling you get when the beat hits just right. The sweet feeling of the breeze hitting your body as you dance the night away. La Negra tiene tumbao!

top: Kakadu plum, blackberry, acai
middle: tobacco leaves, green coconut
base: cedarwood, amber, purple saffron

Slavic for winter. As a nod to the meaning, we created a scent that reminds us of being wrapped in a crisp, clean blanket that’s freshly out of the dryer, on a cold winter evening.

top: jasmine, snowdrop, violet, tigergrass
middle: tomato leaves, ambergris, lemon
base: bergamot, lavender
All candles are 16 ounces and have a spiral wooden wick