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Kombucha - Whalebird


We love this kombucha so much - all product quality ingredients!

Lavender Lemonade: Brilliant lavender flowers grown in San Luis Obispo, paired with the zest of lemon myrtle. Bring summer with you.
INGREDIENTS: Reverse osmosis water, kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, organic lemon myrtle, organic lavender flower

Manguava: A delicious and well-balanced blend of fresh mango and guava. Paradise is just one can away.
Reverse osmosis water, kombucha culture, organic sugar, organic black tea, organic mango, organic guava, organic lemon myrtle, organic hibiscus

Purple Rain: 
A bouquet of floral notes playing a delicate citrus and herbal finish that's sure to relax your mind and body.
INGREDIENTS: Reverse osmosis water, Kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, organic jasmine green tea, organic chamomile, organic rose petals, organic butterfly pea tea, organic black tea, organic spearmint, organic edible blood orange essential oil, pink Himalayan salt.