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Mighty Mama Mother's Day Gift Box


This year we wanted to make sure to add a special touch to our annual "Mighty Mama" Mother's Day Gift Box, so we enlisted the help of a talented Poet, Hope Curran.

It is not always easy to express in words how we might feel about the mother figures in our lives. Words don't come easy to many, but to Hope, they flow like a river.

She has typed up a very special poem for the Mighty Mamas amongst us, and it is surrounded by her hand painted creation. These poems for mom have been made on beautiful linen paper will be included in all of our Mother's Day Gift Boxes.

Items included in the Gift Boxes are listed below.

Mighty Mama Original Set:

  • 4oz Bottle of our Seasonal Small Batch Artisan Lotion
  • Aromatherapy Shower Steamer (that can double as a Bath Bomb)
  • Petal Cold-Process Soap
  • Sustainable Soap Saver Bag
  • 2oz Bottle of Rose Water Mist

Home-Loving Mama:

  • Food Huggers set of 5
  • Cotton Produce Extender Bag 
  • 8oz Bottle of Veggie Wash