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Toothpaste Powder

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This toothpaste powder can be used as a natural replacement to toothpaste.

It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and silica, which help remove stains and plaque without the use of synthetic ingredients Meaning no ingestion of toxic peroxides or bleaching agents.

60ml - 4 weeks / 1 person / twice a day
120ml - 8 weeks / 1 person / twice a day
Shelf life - 36 months

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate ,diatomaceous earth, magnesium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, tartaric acid, mentha piperita oil, ,tocopherol, limonene,organic, Natural.

Packaging: Glass jar, aluminium lid, paper label, kraft-board box, vegetable ink, recyclable, compostable.