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Collapsible / Travel Water Bottle

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Bubi Bottle food-grade silicone is the hydration, eco-friendly, sustainable water bottle that rolls-up for convenience. It integrates durability, multi-use, and fashion.


14oz BOTTLE:

The 14 oz (425 mL) is hydration essential for quick errand runs, parents on-the-go, or study sessions. It’s also great as a school water bottle. Our 14 oz made from * 100% Food Grade Silicone is the fan-favorite for coffee or tea, children’s sippy cups, or for quick sips on-the-go. This collapsible water bottle also rolls up to fit into your purse or backpack.

22oz BOTTLE:

The 22 oz (425 mL) is hydration essential for fitness workouts, outdoor adventures, or long workdays. You will quickly understand why our 22 oz is the fan-favorite for camping, hiking, the gym, and every day knocking around.


This uniquely designed flip cap makes on-the-go hydration easier, cleaner, and convenient. Our cap replaces your plain cap, Bubi bottle and contains a nipple (not a straw) under the latched compartment. The latch pinches the nipple to avoid any spills or leaks. Therefore, enjoy your coffee or tea without the worries of spilling with our leak-resistant technology. This accessory also allows for two forms of flow- bite top to bottom for a slow liquid flow or bite side to side for faster flow.

Dishwasher and microwave safe can also turn the bottle inside out BPA free, heat & Freezer safe.