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Twrl Milk Tea


An Ode to Milk Tea 
This Taiwan-Style Black Milk Tea pays homage the first modern milk tea born on the streets of Taiwan. We’ve held on to this centuries-old recipe loved by millions, and perfected it for today’s simpler, cleaner tastes. Paired with our non-dairy milk, Taiwan-Style Black Milk Tea is a refreshing and delightful drink perfect for starting your day or as an afternoon treat. 

What makes this flavor really unique is that the single-origin black tea we use is TRULY special — it’s a one-of-a-kind varietal, sourced from a small multi-generational family farm on a misty  slope, fed by sweet mountain spring water. Because of this unique location and extra care given to the farm, our black tea 🍃 has almost 3x more antioxidants than a regular black tea and plus a bold, chocolatey, cinnamon flavor that no one else can replicate

Flavor notes: Full-bodied, Chocolatey, Cinnamon, Great for bubble tea lovers

  • Plant-based pea milk
  • Organic brewed tea
  • Single-origin, fair-trade tea
  • Low sugar
  • Low Calorie
  • Nitro-infused