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Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel extract has multiple uses for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. It is a simple, natural product that can do wonders for the skin.


-On skin, dab a cotton ball in the witch hazel and rub onto the affected area.
-For the throat, mix witch hazel (3-4 drops) with warm salt water and gargle/spit.
-For varicose veins, soak towel in witch hazel and put towel onto the affected area for roughly 20-30 minutes a day.

Witch Hazel, also known as "winderbloom" in North America, is a liquid derived from witch hazel shrubs or smaller-sized trees. Naturally mild enough to be used alone, or combined with other herbs and so forth.

Our Witch Hazel is top quality. Since it is a premium product, it only has a 14% alcohol concentration. 

Botanical Name: Hamamelis virginiana