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A Glimpse Into our Mighty Environmental Impact

A Glimpse Into our Mighty Environmental Impact

Have you ever wondered what kind of a difference it makes when individuals consciously attempt to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Have you ever had moments of feeling discouraged that maybe it doesn’t make much of a difference because not everyone is making the effort to do better? While there is certainly much room for improvement when it comes to environmental sustainability, rest assured, your efforts are absolutely making a difference! And it’s probably a bigger difference than you think.

As we all know, our throw-away culture has created a profoundly detrimental impact on our planet. The ubiquitous habit of single-use bottles and containers has ballooned our landfills and contaminated our water and soil. It is imperative that we revamp our approach to how we use everyday items that more often than not, get thrown out. There is an abundance of ways now to avoid single-use items, and Mighty Market is here to help. Every day our shop keeps an average of 80-100 containers from ending up in landfills. And since the opening of Mighty Market, we have kept 60,684 containers from ending up in landfills! How amazing is that?! If our humble little store can make that significant of a difference in just a year of business, imagine how much more we can accomplish by spreading this awareness and by continuing to grow our business. 

Besides bottles and containers, we also offer several other products that are not of single-use design. We have reusable paper towels, tea and coffee filters, produce bags, straws, dryer balls, feminine care products, and more. Believe it or not, we even have reusable cotton swabs! 

Did you know that cotton products are not environmentally friendly? It might seem like a harmless material because it’s plant based and biodegradable. However, the production of cotton is really hard on the environment. To produce just one kilogram of cotton, it  requires 20,000 liters of water! In addition to that sobering statistic, the use of pesticides and insecticides involved in cotton production are harmful to our planet, as well as to growers and consumers. 

Once again, Mighty Market saves the day! We offer multiple, frequently used cotton products: cotton round alternatives, reusable swabs, reusable beauty swabs, and reusable baby swabs. Let’s take a look at each one-

Cotton Round Alternatives

This product replaces cotton pads. They are made of a fabric that mimics the feel of cotton. After use, just throw them in your hamper because they can be washed and reused. You can also simply hand wash them with soap and water, and allow to dry before putting them back in its original container, made of recycled material. These rounds are designed to last up to 1,750 times! Cotton Round Alternatives

Last Swab

This unique cotton swab can actually be reused. After use, simply run it under water with soap. Allow to dry, and place back in its eco-friendly container. Last Swab can be used up to 1,000 times! Last Swab

Beauty Swab

This makeup q-tip is designed with a pointed tip can be used for precise makeup touch-ups and cleaning up mistakes in tight spaces. Beauty Swab

Baby Swab

This swab is specifically shaped to clean the delicate areas of the eyes, ears, and nose. Now even babies can go green! Baby Swab

To see more of Mighty Market’s reusable products, please check out our link below:



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