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Mighty "High-Low" Project: The Skincare Edition

Mighty "High-Low" Project: The Skincare Edition

Whether you have an affinity for high-end products or you prefer more bang for your buck, here at Mighty Market we provide diverse options for you to choose from. And rest assured, all of our products, regardless of their high or low-end price points, are of utmost quality and sourced from exceptional companies. Let’s take a look at some customer favorites!


We have a variety of cleansers, and the favorite high-end option is our Citrus Foam Cleanser. Do you just love the feeling of luxurious, soft foam when washing your face? If so, you may become a fan of this unique cleanser by Kanary Naturals. Enriched with organic ingredients, this face wash leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, and ready to take on the day! We love this product because it removes impurities without drying the skin. For more complete details on the Citrus Foam Cleanser, click on our link for you to peruse! High End: Citrus Foam Cleanser

For those on the hunt to maximize their purchasing power, another popular option is our African Black Soap. This wonder product is phenomenal for various skin issues. It’s antibacterial and moisturizing. Some even consider African Black Soap the holy grail of cleansers! This cleanser is multifunctional and a superb option for virtually every skin type. Low End: African Black Soap 


Ahh, the lovely last step in the skin cleansing process that nourishes and balances the skin. Our sophisticated choice is the exquisite Brume D’Achillée, by East Bay Herbals. This mist made of yarrow and peach leaf was inspired by the creator’s French heritage. It is an artisan product, custom-crafted in small batches. High End: Brume D'Achillée 

Our low-end option toner is of a more simple ingredient deck, but its sole component has been renowned for its benefits for thousands of years. This tried and true, versatile staple ingredient is none other than rose water. Our Rose Water Facial Toner is from the Brooklyn Made Naturals line, and it’s one of the company’s best-selling products. Low End: Rose Water Facial Toner


Choosing a moisturizer isn’t an easy task with the countless selections on the market. But we make it easy at Mighty Market, and one of our very favorites is the rich and soothing Rosehips Night Creme. This wonderful jar of goodness contains fatty acids and lipids to repair, calm, and deeply moisturize the facial skin. The natural scent of rose has the bonus benefit of promoting feelings of serenity and relaxation. 

Our low-end moisturizer is also very popular among customers. Consider trying the Almond & Aloe Facial Moisturizer, which comes with the additional benefit of sun protection. The light and soothing formula of this product is perfect for use under makeup. Low end: Almond & Aloe Facial Moisturizer

Body Wash

Bathe yourself in our Omega 3 Creamy Body Wash for an ultra-moisturizing experience! This is the perfect choice to have in your shower for dry and thirsty skin. High End: Omega 3 Creamy Body Wash

Shikai’s Yuzu Shower Gel is also a great option for skin in need of a rich and soothing body wash. Made with oatmeal and aloe, it’s sure to make your skin feel good. And who can resist the sweet, delightful, and citrusy scent of yuzu?! Low End: Yuzu Shower Gel

Body Lotion

Anyone with challenging skin issues such as irritation, eczema, and sensitivity will likely be pleasantly surprised and relieved by how soothing and comforting our nutrient-rich PhytoPlankton Body Lotion is. This light formula absorbs quickly, and the best part is, a little goes a long way! High EndPhytoPlankton Geranium Body Lotion

We also have another favorite with the irresistible scent of Yuzu. This soft and silky, in-demand body lotion is a great choice for those seeking a nourishing and soothing preparation. The high-quality plant oils in this lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Low End: Yuzu Body Lotion

Mighty Market offers heaps of personal care products with countless scents to choose from. To see our wide range of options, come visit us next time you’re downtown, or take a look at our online store!


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