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Our Promise to the Planet

Our Promise to the Planet

In 2002, a brilliant idea was born. It began as a friendship between two business owners and their passion for nature. Their shared concern for the environment led to the creation of an organization by the name of 1% for the Planet. The two business owners, Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews, committed to contributing one percent of their business revenue “back to the environment”. And they did this even during times their sales were not gainful. Since then, this convention has grown a following around the world! 

And guess what? Mighty Market is a devoted member of this organization as well. With absolute conviction, we committed fully to the practice of donating one percent of our revenue. By being a part of this movement, Mighty Market is better able to maximize its impact on environmental sustainability. 

We will share quarterly updates with our customers to inform them of the money we’ve raised, and the progress we have made. Being transparent about where donations are going is of significant importance to 1% for the Planet, as well as to Mighty Market.

So how does 1% of the Planet work?

The manner in which this organization operates is by connecting its members to local, approved, environmental non-profit organizations. By funneling donations to non-profits around the globe, 1% for the Planet has created a network of dedicated people who are making an impact on the protection of our environment. The countless solutions 1% for the Planet has devised to protect our planet addresses six specific environmental issues: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. This design to tackle environmental protection has been phenomenally effective, and not just limited to businesses. Individuals can become members as well! 

To find out more detailed information about this remarkable organization, how to become a member, or for info on volunteer opportunities within 1% for the Planet, please check out their link below!

1% for the Planet 

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