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Spreading the Word of Sustainability

Spreading the Word of Sustainability

Welcome to episode 10 of In & Around Pleasant Hill! Recently Bronwyn Kopacek, co-founder of Mighty Market, was featured on a local podcast created to spotlight and support local businesses. 


Who is Alex Khodadad? He is an outstanding and accomplished Real Estate agent based in Pleasant Hill. A native of the East Bay, Alex made it his mission to serve the community and bring its people together. He consistently adheres to being mindful of the legacy you leave behind, and living a life of contribution. It was out of this passion for serving, that the idea of creating a Facebook group and podcast dedicated to featuring local businesses was born. Originally the concept was specifically for the purpose of supporting local restaurants to help them survive the substantial hardships resulting from the pandemic and restrictions that followed. Since then, many businesses have been thriving due to his genius idea!


Using the platform of his creative podcast, Alex interviews local business owners and community leaders. It’s been an effective tool to showcase and promote “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. And this frame of mind is quite reflective of and relatable to Mighty Market’s belief that “small steps lead to mighty changes”.


Episode 10:

In this particular episode featuring our very own, “Mighty” Bronwyn, we learn about the inception of Mighty Market, simple ways to begin forming sustainable practices, and details regarding microplastics that most of us are unaware of, to name a few. We also gain an understanding of the meticulous protocols involved in choosing quality products, as well as qualifying vendors that meet the myriad of standards required to be sold at Mighty Market, and the reasons behind these valued standards. Episode 10 is a rich and compelling story of Mighty Market. It’s a look into the catalyst of Mighty Market’s beginning, which was inspired by Bronwyn’s journey into motherhood and her forward-thinking nature. In this case, her daughter’s future as well as generations to come. From there Bronwyn thoroughly covers all aspects of the admirable ways Mighty Market has made a difference for its customers, community, and the environment. The podcast is a fascinating glimpse into all the moving parts involved in sustaining and maintaining the vision and implementation of leaving our world a better place than we found it. Bronwyn frequently emphasizes the reminder of being kind to ourselves when making changes. It does not have to begin as a complete overhaul. Every employee at Mighty Market is happy to help and tremendously seasoned when it comes to helping customers decide where to start and how to continuously employ new changes. 


Check out this phenomenal episode of Alex Khodadad’s In & Around Pleasant Hill in the link below:


Sustainable Living Featuring Bronwyn Kopacek with Mighty Market” 


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